Bob and Hacker Harry: A Multi Factor Authentication Story

“Security is not convenient.” This is true.  Running a business comes with many challenges and headaches. This means that most businesses these days are not implementing the most effective cybersecurity solutions, even the ones without substantial cost.  Maintaining strong cybersecurity practices has gone from a good idea for a business to consider having to an absolute must have in a very short amount of time. One cybersecurity solution that will […]

Greystone’s Training Team offers free online training courses

Here is a collection of resources to help you and your business navigate the new challenges facing businesses. Free Microsoft Teams Training – Monday – 10 am MST Greystone’s training team will be holding a weekly training each Monday from 10-10:30 am on Microsoft Teams for the duration of this disruption in normal business. To […]

Peter Melby presents free session at Denver Startup Week – Sept 18th

Greystone CEO, Peter Melby, will present a free session at Denver Startup Week, the largest free event of it’s kind in the US.  We’ve spent a long time trying to avoid the oh-so-common reality in most companies where employees are treated like children and managers become babysitters.  This journey hasn’t been as simple as we […]

Cybersecurity Alert: Mac Root Password Bug

Mac Cybersecurity Flaw: Root password enables unauthorized Access A cybersecurity researcher discovered a critical flaw in the latest version of Apple’s macOS, High Sierra. The flaw allows anyone with physical access to the computer to unlock the computer and gain access to private data using the user name “root” and a blank password. What should you do? Apple has pushed an update […]

June Tech for Non-technical Leaders meetup

On Thursday June 22nd, Greystone Technology hosted our first monthly event for the meetup group Technology for Non Technical Business Leaders. This month’s discussion focused on Internet of Things (IoT) in the business. We were honored to have Jake Rishavy, VP of Innovation for Denver South and co-founder of Prime Health and TechrIoT as our […]

Security Bulletin: NotPetya Ransomware Attack


UPDATED 6/28/2017 14:20 MDT Organizations across the globe -including some in the U.S.- have been struck by the NotPetya ransomware malware. NotPetya initially attacks via a phishing email, exploiting the same vulnerabilities found in un-patched operating systems as the WannaCry attack last May. However, NotPetya also gains administrator access to the network using one of […]

Changing Colorado’s Transportation Industry Through Data

Technology and Colorado's transportation infrastrucutre

You are getting ready to go somewhere that is only a few miles away and check your GPS to find the best route and how long the trip will take. It shows 28 minutes to go 5.6 miles. WHAT?! That’s how it was for me when I was on my way to our co-hosted event […]

Get productive with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote

Accelerating business

Note taking apps like Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote can increase your productivity while organizing your most important projects. One feature that can make these applications even more useful is the ability to save emails as notes directly from your email program. Here are some scenarios where this feature is helpful: If you are about to […]

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