Common Sense Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity looks different today. You need layers of protection. We create strong cybersecurity strategies and deliver swift implementation by breaking down security risks and protections into business decisions.

Standard Security Management

To ensure you stay protected all businesses need to start with the standards. We ensure all Managed IT clients have critical security measures in place. Security Awareness Training, traffic filtering, modern anti-threat software, strong firewall policies, and great business continuity solutions provide a solid foundation to build a strong cybersecurity posture on.

Premier Security Management

With Premier Security we provide AI-enabled services in the sub-enterprise markets. This starts with advanced monitoring that can compare separate events on your systems to understand a deeper story. Alerts are monitored and managed by a team of certified cybersecurity professionals.

Custom Security Assessments & Consulting

Our assessments and consulting begins with understand your technology and user behavior and ends with business-focused education on your risk profile and how to create optimal security at the right value.  No fear tactics necessary. Just common sense business.

What we've done

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Cybersecurity FAQs

Here are a few common questions
we hear from our clients. 

What questions do you have?

Cybersecurity requires layers of protection which should be prioritized by effectiveness, cost, and effort. Greystone’s Common Sense Cybersecurity Roadmap arranges 26 areas of digital protection into consumable business priorities. 

Spending on cyber security starts with understanding cost vs. impact of each layer of protection. Greystone provides clarity in vision for security spending to eliminate wasted cost and protect your most valuable assets.

Cybersecurity needs to connect to the C-Level in your organization. Greystone’s job is to support your executive and technology teams in making business decisions without needing you to be security experts. We recommend assigning an executive stakeholder from your leadership team to work hand-in-hand with Greystone.

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