Managed IT Services

Technology has evolved, but traditional IT services have not. That’s why we flipped our services upside down, and created a new standard for managed IT services. 


With our TotalCare© fully managed IT you get a dedicated team, not a faceless help desk. This is what we call our Upside Down service model. It’s like having a private technology entourage, anticipating and reacting to your every IT need.

Co-Managed IT Services

The team you depend on needs a team to depend on. We’ve got you covered. Our FlexCare© managed IT services are designed to supplement your team in any part of the IT service stack. 

On-Demand IT support

Sometimes it can be hard to know how much IT support you need. With our OnDemand© flexible IT Service you get the help you need when you need it. It’s support that’s powerful enough for the enterprise in a cost-effective model that adjusts to your needs.

Upside down service model

You’ve probably encountered a service experience where you’ve bounced around before landing with the right person to solve your problem. It’s frustrating, time consuming, and an overall headache to deal with and it’s exactly how traditional IT support works. That’s why we turned the IT support structure upside down.

What makes it upside down? When you submit a support ticket, your request immediately goes to the person on your dedicated team with the most technical expertise and extensive knowledge of your business. From there, it can be addressed by them or it can be delegated to other team members who are equipped to provide a solution. It’s like having a technology quarterback that understands your business’ technology needs. The results? Faster resolution times and long-lasting technology success.

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Managed IT FAQs

Here are a few common questions
we hear from our clients. 

What questions do you have?

Greystone’s mission to provide the most effective IT services means that we’ve redesigned the IT experience from the ground up. Don’t trust us to just talk about it. Contact us and let us show you the difference.

We look for our teams to have a meaningful response to support requests inside of a 30 minute window.

Effective IT begins with effective relationships. We connect deeply with your team. If your needs require us to be onsite, will be there. We work with you to make sure your technology needs are always met. 

We call it “graduating to Greystone” and we have developed a specific process over 20+ years to make the switch as effortless as possible. Our 7-step Onboarding is led by our Client Success experts. The process is designed so that we can really get to know what drives your organization and ensure that your IT support has a solid foundation to grow from. 

It depends. In many cases, the right MSP is more complete and more cost effective than an internal IT department, are more resilient to turnovers, and have better processes for transferring technical knowledge. Plus we have the benefit of working in a variety of technology environments across many industries giving us a deep understanding of IT.  

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