Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturing has increasingly gone global managing supply chains, day-to-day operations have grown more complex. To remain competitive you need a technology infrastructure that streamlines operations, helps manage inventory, and gives you real-time data. We help build that infrastructure and provide the support to keep you running smoothly. 

IT Support for Manufacturing companies

Technology has made it possible for manufacturers to be more agile and lean – provided that the technology works. That’s where we come in.

We are the IT provider you can rely on to build and maintain the optimal technology infrastructure for your business. We have experience and expertise in vendor management, (Protrace) Data Protection and Cybersecurity, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, cloud management, and day-to-day IT Support.

Whether you are looking to supplement your internal IT team or fully outsource your IT needs you can count on us to help you get the most out of your technology. Find out how we can provide your organization with support for your technology by browsing below or contacting us.

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Strategic Client Success Services

Digital Transformation has changed the world in a short amount of time. Navigating this change successfully requires context. Our client success team provides clarity and strategic technology guidance by combining their knowledge of technology with a deep understanding of what drives your organization.

Vendor Management

We serve as the intermediaries between you and your technology vendors. Our team of technology experts know the right questions to ask, which allows us to resolve vendor issues faster reducing downtime.

Data Security & Privacy

Data has become one of the most sought after commodities of the 21st century. This has fueled the growth of cybercrime and hacking. Robust protections like end point security, multi-factor authentication, and dark web monitoring help ensure your data stays protected. 

Cloud migration & support

The business world has fully embraced the cloud for the numerous benefits that it offers. Choosing the cloud provider that will best fit your needs is key. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in helping organizations migrate to the cloud as well as supporting you post migration. 


The manufacturing industry is subject to increased amounts of scrutiny and compliance. This extends to cybersecurity compliance as well. Our team of technology experts can help guide you on becoming NIST cybersecurity compliant. 

Business continuity & disaster recovery

It's true what they say, better to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Whether it's a natural disaster or a data breach having a well thought out disaster plan can have your organization back up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. 


Technology has changed the way work gets done. When your tech isn't working it disrupts work which costs money. The combination of being deeply engrained in your organization and our innovative upside down service model, which sends your ticket to the most experienced member of your team first, empowers faster resolutions to tech issues.

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Our clients say

“Greystone Technology truly understands the broad scope of IT services, including strategic planning, vendor management, user training, and robust cyber security solutions and go above and beyond constantly.”
VP and CoMptroller
Financial Services Company
“The level of security and peace of mind that we experience with Greystone is far and away better than what we had with our previous provider. They care about going the extra mile, ensuring our front line staff have positive experiences whenever they are having an issue with technology.”
Operations Manager
Professional Services Company
“Greystone has been instrumental in helping supplement our corporate IT department, and we have been able to get more action and movement on issues that we had with the corporate partner, additionally day to day issues are resolved much quicker”
Manufacturing Company
"Greystone is reliable, they are knowledgeable about technology and they are empathetic and understanding about tech issues, we love having them as our IT provider."
President and CEO
Healthcare Company

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