I.T. Consulting

Aligning business and technology operations starts with understanding your organization’s unique needs and goals. This knowledge enables us to provide the technology that is right for you; empowering you to be more effective, efficient, agile, and collaborative.

Infrastructure Projects

From server and network projects to cloud migrations and Office 365 implementations, our IT consulting team is ready to support your network and infrastructure needs. Whether you need a technology partner to completely handle your infrastructure project or support for what your internal IT team is undertaking we’ve got you covered. 

Microsoft Sharepoint Consulting

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a useful tool for organizing your documents and improving collaboration, and comes with Office 365. However it can be challenging to know how to best utilize it. We build your SharePoint site, seamlessly integrate it into your organization, and provide training courses so your organization can get the most out of this powerful tool.

Security and Compliance

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly changing, making multiple layers of evolving protections necessary. We help you determine the right cybersecurity solutions to have by conducting security audits to uncover and fix vulnerabilities. 

Business Process Optimization

Right now is a critical time for business operations and IT to be aligned. Being out of sync can be disastrous, the right fit can be transformative. First We take stock of your current technology, day-to-day operations, and business goals. Then we identify the gaps between your tech, operations, and goals and manage the changes required to bring them together. 

What we're talking about

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IT Consulting FAQs

Here are a few common questions we hear from our clients. What questions do you have?

Technology is continuously changing the way goods and services are delivered. At a minimum you have to invest in new technology just to keep up. That being said taking a proactive approach ensures you are not playing catch up and gives you advantages like improving collaboration, creating better customer experiences, and building processes that save time, and as the famous saying goes time = money. 

Professional Services partners with your IT team, whether Internal to your organization or through Greystones’ Managed IT Services, to ensure we have a full understanding of your current IT environment, size of your organization and plans for future growth. We work with you to identify the business case that needs to be solved.

Cloud storage at its most basic is when you store your data on a cloud providers server like Microsoft Azure for example, allowing you to access your data anywhere anytime via the internet. Yes in general it is safe to store your data in the cloud and has advantages like making it easier for growing companies to scale, reducing hardware costs, and eliminating the need for warranties. Whatever your data storage needs are we can work with you to find the right storage solutions whether that is the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid between the two.

Dedicated Project Managers provide detailed breakdowns of how changes will directly impact end users and work with your team to alleviate change fatigue. We partner with clients on an End User Communication Plan which includes timelines of changes and impact, instructions for setup of new systems and when necessary, execute Training.

Our Professional Services is a group of highly technical resources who work with clients on a project basis to implement new technologies, provide strategic insight on IT planning and architect technical solutions whereas our managed services are geared towards meeting your daily technology needs. 

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