What do you get when you cross personal mobile devices with end users who want corporate email? The perfect recipe for a cyberbreach with serious consequences ranging from impersonation and ransomware to stealing company information and even wire fraud. Despite it happening every day mobile devices are often overlooked as a point of concern for businesses.

As technology changes the way we work and where mobile devices have become more than a luxury. In many cases people are zooming, emailing, and accessing company resources via personal mobile devices. Which raises the question, would a business allow employees to connect to the corporate network with their personal laptop? The answer should be an emphatic no and if that is the case why allow personal mobile devices to do the same without any security?

One major reason for this lack of security is that smartphones have only been ubiquitous in both society and business for about a decade. So it’s understandable why the business world is lagging a bit in recognizing the risks with mobile devices, however after reading this blog you will have no excuse!

Symantec states that 1 in 36 mobile devices have high risk apps installed. In 2018, an average of 10,573 malicious mobile apps were blocked per day. These threats are not to be taken lightly and can result in potential data leakage. How does this happen? By social engineering attempts, wifi interference and Bluetooth hacks, out dated devices, or current devices with missing updates.

In reality it’s not always financially feasible for businesses to provide mobile devices to their employees. However as the data above suggests businesses at the very least need to start thinking about Mobile Device Management. Also known as MDM, this technology provides a way for organizations to ensure company data is secure while being accessed on personal devices.

Leveraging MDM allows for business to sleep well at night knowing the device that is being used for dating, TicTok, Facebook, games, and everything else personal has a layer of protection for company data.

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