Stuck at home?  How to be your own IT 

  As there continues to be a focus on working remotely from home, we thought we would share a few quick tips with you that will be useful for just about anyone, whether you are trying to finish a task for work or do something for yourself at home.  Greystone has your back and is ready to […]

Greystone Security & Productivity Webinars – August

Greystone is hosting two free webinars this month – join us to learn more about emerging cybersecurity threats and Microsoft OneDrive! Cybersecurity Essentials: Emerging Threats Ransomware,  Business Email Compromise/Email Spoofing, and The Internet of Things are just a few examples of the topics that will be covered in this training.  Technology is evolving quickly, and […]

Is Machine Learning Ready for the Small Business?

Machine Learning small business

We attended a machine learning conference last week, and while the organizers presented great information about how organizations can leverage machine learning to understand and better serve their customers, it was evident that the audience was struggling to understand even what machine learning is. This article should clear up that confusion so you can think […]

Tech Talk: Agile for the Business

the agile business

There was a day when agility was used to describe athletes and cats, not businesses. Then in 2001, a group of seventeen software developers met in Utah and created the Agile Manifesto, a set of values and principles to help software development teams deliver greater customer value while managing unpredictability. These days, agile has broken […]

How much will technical debt cost you this year?

Technical debt is the debt that accrues when companies implement I.T. solutions that are cheap or easy at the time. However, they can end up requiring extra time and cost to put the right solution in place when there eventually becomes no other choice. Companies vary widely in how much money they spend on I.T. […]

Microsoft Teams – Collaboration and Teamwork Made Easy!

With all the meetings, appointments, projects, and communication needed to be successful in fast-paced work environments, Teams is a great Microsoft Application that can support you and your company in becoming more organized and creating team cohesion. The challenging part about keeping organized is that often there are several types of software needed to complete […]

The Top three Office 365 Productivity Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools

What’s New in Office 365? By now, most of us know about Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 suite of tools. With Office 365, Microsoft put their most used business tools, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere on any device. What you might not know is that this new cloud model […]

Want to work better together? Start with your collaboration weakness.

Working together as a team

We all know that working together is hard. Very, very hard. I have worked on projects with dozens of people from across the globe: different cultures, different time zones, different expectations. I have also worked at companies that only had a handful of people working out of the same office. In both situations, it was […]

4 Ways to Use Email to Vacation Better

Relax better with email rules

Don’t look now, but we are already half way through the summer vacation season. Unfortunately for many of us, the pain of returning to work to overflowing inboxes almost makes taking a vacation not worth it. In fact, 54% of Americans reported not using all their vacation days. This is unfortunate because to remain creative […]

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