As there continues to be a focus on working remotely from home, we thought we would share a few quick tips with you that will be useful for just about anyone, whether you are trying to finish a task for work or do something for yourself at home.  Greystone has your back and is ready to help with needs.  If you want to put on your IT Technician hat, here are some basic tips.   

Internet Down? 

“Yep.  The number one fix is to turn it off and turn it back on.  Try “Power Cycling” the router/modem that is plugged into your cable or phone line.  Unplugging it for 30 seconds and plug it back in.  If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting and reconnecting the internet cable coming from the wall.” Michael Wilkey, Technical Engineer, Fort Collins 

Camera won’t work for video calls? 

“If you’re sure the host didn’t block your camera because you didn’t change out of your pajamas, find the “settings” or “preferences” in the menu of your program.  Find the video settings and make sure it’s turned on and using the right camera” – Peter Melby, CEO 

Internet seem slow? 

If the internet seems slow, sometimes this can be caused by a browser with many tabs opened or malfunctioning browser plug-ins.  Closing unused programs and windows or restarting your browser can make a big difference.” – Matt Sanders, Sr. Director of Managed IT 

Microphone not working for video calls? 

There could be a variety of reasons why your microphone may not be working from your headphones to your computer, fortunately, most video conferencing applications (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) support dial-in options so you can use your cell phone to call in. Remember if you do call in with your phone to mute the volume on your computer so that you don’t get an echo. – Michael Catalfano, Manager Shared Services, Denver  

Can’t send emails from Outlook? 

If Outlook is not sending or receiving emails then try to close all Outlook windows and reopen after 5 seconds. If it still doesn’t work, try re-entering your password.”  – Scott Serafin, Technical Consultant, Boulder  

Can’t access your files from work? 

If you are not able to access any of your files that you would regularly at work it could be that you are not connected to your VPN.  If you have a VPN make sure it didn’t get disconnected.  If you don’t have a VPN it’s possible that another type of remote access is needed. – Matt Carson, Technical Consultant, Boulder  

Still not working? 

Try a hammer? 

Technology can be both frustrating and intimidating at times especially if its not one of your natural strengths. Don’t worry, take a deep breath, slowly lower the hammer from over your head so as not to smash the computer and remember that you do have support.  Best case you’ve got a team like Greystone behind you.  Worst case, Google is your friend.” – Jacob Lieber, Marketing Retention Coordinator, Fort Collins 

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