Stuck at home?  How to be your own IT 

  As there continues to be a focus on working remotely from home, we thought we would share a few quick tips with you that will be useful for just about anyone, whether you are trying to finish a task for work or do something for yourself at home.  Greystone has your back and is ready to […]

Microsoft Releases New Mobile App: Office

This week Microsoft announced the release of its latest mobile app called Office, and there are some pretty exciting features in it that are sure to make your work and personal life easier. This app is designed to truly utilize your mobile phone with a variety of other familiar Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and […]

Tech Terms: Managed Services

Tech jargon can be a headache

I.T. has a unique dialect that speeds communication amongst technology professionals but can be incomprehensible to those outside the industry. In this series, we’ll try to decipher tech talk so you can understand the conversation and make better decisions. Todays term is Managed Services. Managed Services and Managed Services Provider(MSP) Managed services in IT refers […]

The REAL Business Technology Stories of 2018

technology hype

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was last month in Las Vegas, and the “life-changing” hyperbole reached epidemic, perhaps even pandemic, levels. Industry analysts and technology pundits alike are babbling about yet another season of smart cars, smart homes, televisions as big as walls, data that is, well, big, and the perennial alphabet soup of favorites like AI, […]

Finding Focus in the Age of Interruption – Part 2

In the first post of this series we discussed the pitfalls of living during this amazing era of technology revolution. In addition to tremendous benefits, this revolution has brought with it endless interruptions. Notifications are inundating us with distraction. Pop-ups from social media, new emails and game-mechanic driven apps are ever present. Add to that the fact […]

Finding Focus in the Age of Interruption

How do we get work done when the tools we rely on for productivity also deliver constant interruption? This is the first in a series of posts about regaining focus and driving productivity. Look for more tools and strategies each Monday! I am in Orlando at a technology conference in a room filled with 400 computer geeks. Who says Greystone doesn’t know how […]

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