With all the meetings, appointments, projects, and communication needed to be successful in fast-paced work environments, Teams is a great Microsoft Application that can support you and your company in becoming more organized and creating team cohesion.

The challenging part about keeping organized is that often there are several types of software needed to complete necessary items throughout the day. Well, not anymore! One of the most beneficial features of utilizing Teams is the ability to manage several tasks or action items all in one place. Teams is built on existing Microsoft technologies, woven together by Office 365 Groups. Powered by the Microsoft cloud, organizations can expect excellent performance and reliability when leveraging Teams as part of their collaboration story.

Teams has multi-faceted capabilities to keep up with your busy schedule. Features include chat, virtual meetings, file sharing and editing, and calendar management. It can also integrate with other Microsoft Apps like Planner, Power BI, and Skype for Business.

Different roles within your organization may have different needs/tasks regarding collaboration on a topic. A Team of people that are involved in planning an event, completing a project, or editing a document can be created to keep a group of people engaged with communication and information sharing. Within that Team, you can build out different Channels; which are designed to be dedicated sections that keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, or role responsibilities. These teams and channels can be set up publicly or privately depending on the purpose of that specific group.

To extend the capabilities of Teams, even more, are connectors, tabs, and bots that allow integration with external content and creative workflow. When you can leverage Teams in the right way, collaboration and teamwork are made easy, and organization is brought to life in purposeful ways.

To learn more about how you can utilize Teams effectively within your organization, join us for our Office 365 Collaboration training!

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