Top 4 Concerns Companies Have About Cloud Services

Servers providing cloud computing services to business

Business leaders top concerns about adopting cloud services are changing. While security and cost still give company leadership the jitters, it seems these fears are lessening while concerns about vendor lock-in and compliance/governance are growing*. However, in an informal Twitter poll, we found that IT leaders were still ranked security and a loss of control […]

Three Reasons IT Departments Are Struggling to be Relevant

IT is Struggling to be Relevant

Abrasively offensive? Humorously inept? Out of touch? Which vision do you think of when you think of the “IT guy”? I’ve had countless conversations in my career with people who feel the IT stereotypes are very accurate. I’ve heard story after story of the IT people who just don’t get it. It’s important to understand […]

Technology is NOT a Department

IT is no longer a department. Leaders across the organization are making strategic decisions about buying and using technology. CMO’s own marketing automation platforms, the VP of HR owns applicant tracking systems, and facility managers are collecting massive amounts of data from building automation tools. To be effective, these business leaders must have an understanding […]

Announcing $2M in funding from Cypress Growth Capital!

Peter Melby and Jesse Armstrong founded Greystone in 2001. Since that time we hit some significant milestones. The first was moving out of Jesse’s apartment and moving into a real office space. Then we acquired companies, added locations, and moved offices. In this latest evolution of Greystone, we have partnered with Cypress Growth Capital. This […]

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in the Internet Connected Home

Two weeks ago, there was a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that utilized 145,000 compromised security cameras and DVR’s to take down the security news website On Friday, October  21st, there was another DDoS attack targeting Dyn, a major DNS provider. This attack crippled many popular websites and services.  Details are still scarce, […]

The Taxman Cometh and I’m Armed to the Teeth

In 2015, Greystone started an apps business.  The simple mission is to solve painful business challenges for our customers that many will find beneficial.  On March 14th 2016, Greystone launched it’s first software product: Avalara for QuoteWerks. We did it for selfish reasons, at least at first. Collecting and remitting sales tax was a pain, […]

An Introduction to Windows 10, Part 1

This Wednesday, July 29th, Microsoft rolls out its long awaited Windows 10, and with this update Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, is changing the way Microsoft operates. This is the first time ever that they are letting users of Windows 7 and 8 upgrade for free, no strings attached. Over the course of the last year, […]

Time to Ditch Your Passwords!

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel’s team hit the streets to find out how secure people’s passwords really are… and the results are hilarious, and sort of disturbing! Password security is a big deal in today’s IoT (internet of things) world we find ourselves in… The IoT simply means that the majority of business and critical infrastructures of […]

What’s ‘Appening?-May 2015

“What’s ‘App-ening?” is chance to hear from some Greystoners about what apps they’re loving these days… Google Cardboard John Lightner, one of our Denver IT Consultants, discovered this new device that allows apps to transform to 3D, allowing one to escape into virtual reality.  The app and device are made by Google, who trumped Oculus’ work with a simple […]

Recent Tech News – March 2015

Occasionally, we’ll aggregate some tech stories from around the web and share what we find… Here you go! Apple Car? While the Apple Watch is getting all the press, there are other rumors looking to be true, Apple is getting into the car game.  We are entering a time where cars are not just automobiles, […]