Business leaders top concerns about adopting cloud services are changing. While security and cost still give company leadership the jitters, it seems these fears are lessening while concerns about vendor lock-in and compliance/governance are growing*. However, in an informal Twitter poll, we found that IT leaders were still ranked security and a loss of control as their highest concerns while governance/compliance and vendor lock-in were not as big an issue. This lack of alignment can pose a challenge to the business.

When business and IT are not in agreement about the risk and reward of cloud services, it becomes impossible to build an effective strategy for leveraging these services. Business units use cloud services without involving IT in the consideration or purchase process, resulting in increased security risk and cost. While is seems the needs of the business and IT are at odds, it is possible to develop a strategy that balances the needs of each group so the organization can take advantage of the agility and scale that cloud services provide.

These trends are just some of the topics we’ll be exploring at theĀ Technology for Non-technical Leaders Meetup Group on July 27th.


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