“What’s ‘App-ening?” is chance to hear from some Greystoners about what apps they’re loving these days…

Google Cardboard


John Lightner, one of our Denver IT Consultants, discovered this new device that allows apps to transform to 3D, allowing one to escape into virtual reality.  The app and device are made by Google, who trumped Oculus’ work with a simple and brilliant concept;  Google Cardboard, an app  that transforms any app to 3D mode, and has created a very simple, inexpensive, easy to put it all together, with it’s cardboard viewfinder.   This not only makes VR affordable, it makes app development and user-experience sky-rocket since there’s almost no cost associated with trying out the technology (other than having a smartphone). John says that “so far my favorite app has been the Cardboard Theater,                                                                            which lets you watch any video on your smartphone as if it was on a 70” TV.”

Check out how it works in this video:


Molly Hazelrig, our Story Teller in our Fort Collins office, loves this app!  Waze gives notifications about any roadside hazards (potholes, cars on the side of the road, etc.) and even alerts you about the fuzz (police traps on the side of the road). It really saved her bacon when she was driving in bad snow/ice conditions. It alerted her about any instances where traffic was slowing down and by how much. Best of all? She set the voice to be Elvis so it says things like, “Your destination is right here, baby” and “Uh-thank you. Uh-thank you very much.” The app is FREE so get it now, people!


They used to have Terry Crews as a voice option and that was just absolutely amazing: “You’re going the wrong way, dummy!”


I (Heather Howerton, Marketing Admin) heard about this app from a friend and decided to check it out myself.  MilkCrate, is brand new to Denver/Boulder, and is an app that allows users to look up any sustainable businesses, services, and goods, in their city.  This app prides itself in “bringing together news, events, lifestyle tips, business listings, and other engaging ways for people to easily make more sustainable choices as consumers and citizens.”  You can use the search bar to type in what you are looking for, or you can search by category.  You can also build a list of favorites and make your own profile. MilkCrate works with businesses to ensure that they truly are sustainable and meet certain standards.  This new and neat app is coming at a great time when people are looking for more sustainable ways of life.  Be ahead of the curve, and get this app!


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