AAEAAQAAAAAAAAHsAAAAJGExZDA0NTE3LTVjYWYtNDM3Yy1iYTVjLWNiODE5ODYzMmM3OAOccasionally, we’ll aggregate some tech stories from around the web and share what we find… Here you go!

Apple Car?

While the Apple Watch is getting all the press, there are other rumors looking to be true, Apple is getting into the car game.  We are entering a time where cars are not just automobiles, but tech devices.  As this perception of cars is changing, tech companies are at the forefront designing their own electric cars. Tesla has spearheaded this movement, Google came in next, and now it’s Apple’s turn.  It’s not Apple’s style to be the last to the finish line, after all.  They have begun taking the steps to make an Apple car a reality by putting  100’s of people on the project, some of which were former Tesla employees. The signing bonus for this project must be like, whoa…

Colorado Tech is Booming!

The tech world here in Colorado had the best year yet in 2014.  With 140 startups, $758 million raised for funding and exits exceeding $11 billion, Colorado is becoming a huge tech hub.  Colorado startups are having an easier time raising the capital they need with the increase in funding.  Last year, Denver based startups, TrackVia, raised $2.5 million in funding, while Craftsy raised $50 million.  The state’s digital tech economy had a phenomenal year and it keeps growing.  Also, Google has announced that it will expand it’s Boulder campus to 340 employees to 1500 over the next few years.  Move over California!  Colorado is on the upswing and that doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon!

arcade-cabinets630Classic Arcade Games for Charity?

Yes, please.

Tech Privilege Spoof

Because we’re a technology company, people sometimes assume we’re like this…

But we’re totally not.

Gotta go… I’m starving and I have to grab some free, delivered direct to our door organic produce



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