2019 Volunteering Report

There are many things that we were proud to accomplish as a business in the year 2019. However we wanted to take a moment to highlight something that does not necessarily have a lot to do with what we do as a managed service provider, and that is our effort to make a positive impact […]

Greystone Gives Back at A Precious Child for The Holidays

That’s right folks you heard correct, members of the Greystone team were at it again, this time volunteering at Precious Child for their holiday gift-giving cause, A Precious Gift. Our regular readers will, of course, remember that we volunteered with A Precious Child twice in the past year: once at the start of the school […]

Greystone Gives Back: Volunteering with The Denver Rescue Mission

Last week, five Greystone team members participated in a shift with The Denver Rescue Mission for a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) activity. Angela and Michael volunteered for dish duty, as they both have manned a restaurant-style dishwasher in the past and were up for the challenge. The rest of us went out into the dining […]

Greystone Gives Back: Volunteering with The Humane Society of Boulder

On Sunday, September 24th, six Greystone Technology employees held our positions on the dirt trail around Boulder Reservoir as 1,000 people and 400 dogs came racing towards us. The sun was shining, the view was spectacular and the dogs were perfect. As we guided race participants along the correct path for the race and provided […]

Greystone Gives Back: Filling Backpacks for A Precious Child

Did you know that there are more than 166,000 Colorado children living in poverty? I didn’t know either and to be honest I don’t have a solid reference to compare the number of little ones in that statistic to anything I’ve experienced, but as soon as I walked into A Precious Child to help volunteer […]

Greystone Gives Back: Volunteering with Growing Colorado Kids

On July 18th, myself and eight others from Greystone spent a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) day to help support the amazing organization, Growing Colorado Kids. The organization’s mission is to help eliminate the hunger for refugee children here in Colorado they are also a proud project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. The founders, Chris and […]

Greystone Gives Back: Volunteering with The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals

What happens to the unwanted llamas, horses, and goats of the world? They might end up at their forever home, The Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals. This foundation is a no-kill animal shelter and provides a sanctuary for these animals. Some of the reasons the animals join the foundation include: being too old, being part […]

Getting Shady: Planting Trees For Arbor Day.

Sounds like some shenanigans, doesn’t it? Before you dismiss it as another excuse to go hug a tree, you should turn over a new leaf and spruce up your knowledge. The holiday’s roots originated from Nebraska. This holiday has been celebrated for over 100 years and has sprouted into an international holiday.  Traditionally, Arbor day […]

Giving Back: A Volunteer’s Story With a Horse Named Flo

Our Denver based Tech Engineer, Kleyda Miller, has a passion for horses and being outdoors.  Below is her experience with our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative with one organization in particular.  In July of this year, I went with a group of Greystone employees to volunteer at Growing Colorado Kids (GCK).  This unique, grassroots organization […]

Greystone Teams Up with Growing Colorado Kids

As the person who spearheads our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative, I am always looking for new volunteer opportunities for our staff. In the last year and a half since I took over this initiative, I have had great groups volunteer at Relay for Life, Urban Peak, and the Denver Rescue Mission. On top of that, many staff members […]

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