There are many things that we were proud to accomplish as a business in the year 2019. However we wanted to take a moment to highlight something that does not necessarily have a lot to do with what we do as a managed service provider, and that is our effort to make a positive impact in the communities where we work and live. Greystone Technology encourages all of the people who work here to get out and volunteer in our communities. To make that more feasible for them to do, every person is given three days of paid volunteer time so that they don’t have to cut into time with their families on the weekends.

Why do we think this is important? There are a couple of big reasons why we encourage our people to volunteer, the first and most obvious reason is that we impact the community where we live and work in a positive way. The next reason is that volunteering gives people from different teams that may not interact very often the opportunity to work on something together. This opportunity to improve relationships between teams means that when they do work together they already have an idea of how to work together effectively. The final reason is that many of the people who do take up the opportunity to volunteer report back that not only did they enjoy the experience but that it gave them a sense of purpose and better connection to their communities.

In 2019 we volunteered with nine different non-profits for a combined total of 198 hours. In addition to the time given Greystone Technology donates 50$ for every 8 hours spent volunteering with an organization. We are incredibly thankful that these organizations allowed us to come and play a small part in supporting their mission and would recommend them to any company looking for a place to volunteer at. Click on the name of any of the nonprofits listed below to be taken to their website.

Wolf Sanctuary: 


Denver Rescue Mission: 



Fort Collins Rescue Mission:


Rocky Moutain Conservancy:



Larimer county food bank:


pedal 4 possible:


Harvest for Hope Pantry:


PC’s for people:

Generosity Feeds:



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