Microsoft Exchange Hack: What We Know So Far

As you may or may not be aware, tens of thousands of organizations’ on-premises Exchange servers have been exploited as a result of a recently disclosed set of vulnerabilities. Watch the video below for more information on what we currently know. To get further details on this hack check out Microsoft’s blog about it. If […]

Microsoft Rapidly Updates Teams to Meet 2020 Demands

It is fair to say that nobody could have predicted how important video conferencing apps would become in 2020. Microsoft was no different and when the pandemic caused a massive shift to remote working and living their video conferencing app Teams was not robust enough to meet these new demands. Since then Microsoft has done […]

Greystone’s Training Team offers free online training courses

Here is a collection of resources to help you and your business navigate the new challenges facing businesses. Free Microsoft Teams Training – Monday – 10 am MST Greystone’s training team will be holding a weekly training each Monday from 10-10:30 am on Microsoft Teams for the duration of this disruption in normal business. To […]

Stuck at home?  How to be your own IT 

  As there continues to be a focus on working remotely from home, we thought we would share a few quick tips with you that will be useful for just about anyone, whether you are trying to finish a task for work or do something for yourself at home.  Greystone has your back and is ready to […]

Microsoft Releases New Mobile App: Office

This week Microsoft announced the release of its latest mobile app called Office, and there are some pretty exciting features in it that are sure to make your work and personal life easier. This app is designed to truly utilize your mobile phone with a variety of other familiar Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and […]

The Death of a Giant: Is Your Company Ready for the End of Windows 7?

With less than 12 months left until Microsoft ends support for Windows 7, it’s time to start preparing your organization to make the switch to Windows 10. Although Microsoft is still releasing regular patches for Windows 7, that’s all about to change. The last security update will be released in January 2020, leaving only a few months to […]

The Cloud, IT Security, and our 2019 Tech Predictions

Almost everyone, no matter what their role in an organization, will start to pick their heads up from the business this time of year, and look around to see what next year will bring (much like Punxsutawney Phil with the potential promise of a shorter winter). In the Information Technology world, the fourth quarter is […]

Tech Terms: Azure/AWS

No sooner does someone say “cloud” than I.T. folks start yelling “Azure!” and “AWS!”. You might be talking about the weather on a cloudy day; you will still be inundated with a flood of these words. So what are Azure and AWS, and why are technologists so excited about them? Azure and AWS are the […]

Microsoft Teams – Collaboration and Teamwork Made Easy!

With all the meetings, appointments, projects, and communication needed to be successful in fast-paced work environments, Teams is a great Microsoft Application that can support you and your company in becoming more organized and creating team cohesion. The challenging part about keeping organized is that often there are several types of software needed to complete […]

Microsoft Productivity Tool: The To Do List

Gone are the days of sticky notes posted everywhere being an effective way to remember and accomplish important items. Knowing what resources you have at your fingertips, and how you can utilize those resources to maintain organization is the first step to becoming more productive. Microsoft is always striving to provide tools that allow its […]

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