Greystone Security & Productivity Webinars – August

Greystone is hosting two free webinars this month – join us to learn more about emerging cybersecurity threats and Microsoft OneDrive! Cybersecurity Essentials: Emerging Threats Ransomware,  Business Email Compromise/Email Spoofing, and The Internet of Things are just a few examples of the topics that will be covered in this training.  Technology is evolving quickly, and […]

Cybersecurity Alert: Mac Root Password Bug

Mac Cybersecurity Flaw: Root password enables unauthorized Access A cybersecurity researcher discovered a critical flaw in the latest version of Apple’s macOS, High Sierra. The flaw allows anyone with physical access to the computer to unlock the computer and gain access to private data using the user name “root” and a blank password. What should you do? Apple has pushed an update […]

‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving, and For Scams.

Each year, more people are skipping the lines at the malls and opting to order gifts online. With the increase in online ordering and package delivery, the door is open to phishing scams that use the brands of well-known delivery companies like UPS to get past our scam radar. The scammers are sending emails (called phishing) that appear to be […]

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology in 2017

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology: What 2017 means for Healthcare companies.    Healthcare organizations are in the precarious position of balancing patient experience, doctor productivity, security, and compliance. Patients are demanding more access to their data via apps and websites. Healthcare professionals need greater access to tools and information to provide the best care for their […]

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