Free Online Technology Training Courses

Technology has rapidly become integrated into everyday operations at businesses. With new tech constantly coming out and a shift to more remote operations, it can be tough to keep up. At Greystone, we have a dedicated training department to help our clients learn how to use technology. While the majority of the courses we offer […]

Greystone’s Training Team offers free online training courses

Here is a collection of resources to help you and your business navigate the new challenges facing businesses. Free Microsoft Teams Training – Monday – 10 am MST Greystone’s training team will be holding a weekly training each Monday from 10-10:30 am on Microsoft Teams for the duration of this disruption in normal business. To […]

Greystone Security & Productivity Webinars – August

Greystone is hosting two free webinars this month – join us to learn more about emerging cybersecurity threats and Microsoft OneDrive! Cybersecurity Essentials: Emerging Threats Ransomware,  Business Email Compromise/Email Spoofing, and The Internet of Things are just a few examples of the topics that will be covered in this training.  Technology is evolving quickly, and […]

New Cybersecurity Training Courses at Greystone

Nearly 70 percent of businesses have experienced some form of cybersecurity attack, with more than half experiencing a data breach. Studies also show that 60 percent of small businesses fold within six months of a major cyberattack. Electronic safeguards protect us from a vast majority of these attacks, but a solid cybersecurity plan relies on people to […]

We know IT security is important so why aren’t we doing anything about it?

Ask any company what they are most worried about in their business and information security is usually in the top 3. It should be because, as I shared last month, the threat landscape has become worse. Here’s the problem: most businesses aren’t really doing anything about it. If you talk to IT providers, the hype isn’t spurring the actions […]

Memories Make Great Passwords

Let’s talk about building strong and easy to remember passwords. Wait, wait, wait, don’t go yet! I know, a computer tech or a company handbook goes over the boring password requirements, and it seems like a pain, but I have a cool trick on how to come up with passwords. I use this trick myself […]

IT Security: What Protected You Last Year Isn’t Enough Today

Yep, here’s another article about IT security. I’ll skip quickly through what you already know. Companies are getting compromised at a record rate. Most businesses would love to know what to do but many are paralyzed by a lack of understanding. Common solutions are something along the lines of “I’ve got an IT service/department for […]

Did you know: We do end-user training!

end-user technical training

The best technology is worthless if you don’t know how to use it. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the formation of our new End-User Technical Training Center. The center will be delivering training on standard business applications like Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint as well as cybersecurity and IT processes.  We can […]

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