Need to cut costs? Learn how to redo your entire IT budget in a week.

“I’m told I need more IT security and management yet I have no choice but to cut costs.  What do I do?” Business was humming along, budgets were expanding, and 2020 growth projections were inspiring entrepreneurs at the start of the year.  A few months later and most businesses are cutting back, reassessing, and redoing […]

Why Should You Hire a Project Manager?

How many projects does your company complete each year? Do you know how many of those projects are late on delivery or over budget? Do you find yourself not knowing where to begin when implementing a new solution? These are telltale signs that you may be missing a project manager. Small businesses often do not […]

Safe Surfing on Public WiFi

Here at Greystone, we support a very wide client base, ranging across all sorts of industries: construction, professional services, non-profits, education, banking, accounting and C.P.A. firms, software and technology, oil/gas and energy, municipalities, and even a golf course.  And on and on it goes. But there’s one thing that we all share in common these […]

Fringe Fixes – The Case of the Slow Application

As we care for and maintain our clients’ technology, we regularly encounter situations and solutions that are a wee bit… strange.  “Fringe Fixes” will occasionally feature some of these scenarios. We recently took over IT management of a specialty insurance company, and their chief complaint was an intermittently slow and lagging line of business application […]

Yammer – A Social Media Tool for Business!

Here at Greystone, we’ve recently begun using a new tool for collaboration and communication.  Aly DeWills-Marcano, our Service Experience Manager, was instrumental in rolling it out and she describes some of that process below: Since our mission at Greystone is to improve the business technology experience for our partners, we’re always researching and working to […]

7 Cool Google Search String Tricks

By Gary Aronhalt, Client Relationship Manager Raise your hand if you remember the Internet BEFORE Google?  Remember AltaVista and Web Crawler? What about Ask Jeeves? Remember the days you had to use multiple search engines and then basically compare the results against one another? And then, Google. Google saved us from ham-handed searches and hair-pulling […]

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