How many projects does your company complete each year? Do you know how many of those projects are late on delivery or over budget? Do you find yourself not knowing where to begin when implementing a new solution? These are telltale signs that you may be missing a project manager. Small businesses often do not realize the value of project management or understand when the right time might be to bring a project manager in. The operational cost of not delivering a project correctly can cost a business both time and money. To compensate for this, companies are starting to look to the outside for support and hire project management as a service.

Bringing in a dedicated and trained project manager to manage your company’s project initiatives can help drive better project success. The benefits of a project manager include delivering projects both on time and within budget, increased cost savings, and higher organizational agility. The bottom line: it’s time for businesses to embrace project management as a strategic competency.

Greystone offers Project Management as a Service to help support our clients’ success. Our project management philosophy begins with being a true partner first and foremost and we are fully committed to delivering high-quality outcomes and results. As we work with each client, we gain a deep understanding of the business’ desired outcomes and current challenges that are driving the need for a change.

Our Professional Services team can assist with a variety of project management services including Software Implementations, Process Improvement, Strategic Business Initiatives, Process Optimization, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about working with Greystone, send us an email for more information at

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