Microsoft Exchange Hack: What We Know So Far

As you may or may not be aware, tens of thousands of organizations’ on-premises Exchange servers have been exploited as a result of a recently disclosed set of vulnerabilities. Watch the video below for more information on what we currently know. To get further details on this hack check out Microsoft’s blog about it. If […]

Top Cybersecurity Concerns for Businesses in 2021

The changes and impacts on our day-to-day lives due to the challenges of this past year are something that as a society we are still working on understanding. However, one thing that is abundantly clear after 2020 is that in both our day-to-day lives and in business we are all increasingly reliant on technology. What […]

Year End Highlights

As a company, we are constantly analyzing our own efforts to pinpoint areas we can improve in. We do this in order to continue building on what it means to provide the most effective IT period. However, in a year with unique challenges, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of our […]

Greystone Technology announces New Charter Technologies partnership to continue growth plan

We are excited to announce our new investment partner, New Charter Technologies, a portfolio company of Palo Alto-based, equity firm, Oval Partners. New Charter brings a unique investment structure that supports a strong future for Greystone’s clients, team members, and mission to deliver The Most Effective IT. Period.  As with all New Charter portfolio companies, […]

Peter Melby speaking at Connectwise IT Nation on 11/12

Greystone Technology CEO Peter Melby has been selected to lead one of the breakout sessions at this year’s IT Nation Connect 2020. His take on how to build a successful company culture or as he affectionately calls it “Boss or Babysitter” will take place on November 12 from 2:45 pm-3:45 pm ET. Peter has given […]

Greystone Technology launches MSP Stimulus Pledge, challenges IT providers to join job protection mission

For Immediate Release – April 21, 2020 – Greystone Technology Colorado-based managed IT services provider, Greystone Technology, is challenging IT Service Providers across America to commit to a strong economy and job protection values when using stimulus funds.  The MSP Stimulus Pledge ( is a collective of peers and competitors in the IT Services industry […]

Need to cut costs? Learn how to redo your entire IT budget in a week.

“I’m told I need more IT security and management yet I have no choice but to cut costs.  What do I do?” Business was humming along, budgets were expanding, and 2020 growth projections were inspiring entrepreneurs at the start of the year.  A few months later and most businesses are cutting back, reassessing, and redoing […]

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