Dramatic rise of cyber attacks on the healthcare industry continues

In October 2020 the FBI, CISA, and HHS released a joint statement warning of the imminent threat of increased ransomware attacks on the U.S. healthcare system, which we discussed in detail in this blog. In the two months that have followed since that initial warning, cyber attacks on the healthcare industry have continued to grow […]

Tech Talk: EMR or EHR?


Healthcare in America is undergoing massive changes as a result of government policy and innovations in technology. Many of these changes are good and will result in more effective care being delivered faster. However, many of these changes are challenging, both for patients and the healthcare providers who service them. One of the recent changes […]

Is Office 365 the HIPAA solution for healthcare practices?

Office 365 and HIPAA

By moving to Microsoft’s Office 365 online, you have immediate access to a platform that can meet a majority of your HIPAA compliance data needs. But as you may guess, it doesn’t end there, and it’s not that simple. However, it’s not that scary either! Understanding the business case for using Office 365 tools will […]

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology in 2017

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology: What 2017 means for Healthcare companies.    Healthcare organizations are in the precarious position of balancing patient experience, doctor productivity, security, and compliance. Patients are demanding more access to their data via apps and websites. Healthcare professionals need greater access to tools and information to provide the best care for their […]

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