Finding Opportunity in the Cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Cloud computing with infrastrucutre-as-a-service

In our first post in the Finding Opportunity in the Cloud series, we defined what “The Cloud” is. Now that we know what cloud is, we’ll dig into the types of cloud computing services. There are three types of cloud service, each meeting the specific requirements of different types of business problems. The first type […]

Tech For Non-Technical Leaders – Collaboration with OneDrive

  How does technology boost collaboration? One tool for collaboration is Microsoft OneDrive. This tool has the ability to improve the efficiency of collaboration and performance of a business by enabling people to access documents from anywhere and edit them, simultaneously, in real time. In this video, Kaati Ross, Manager of Support Services at Greystone […]

Finding opportunity in the cloud

finding opportunity in the cloud

The Cloud. Even for an industry rife with hyperbole and marketing abuses, “The Cloud” stands out as one of the most inflated and misunderstood concepts in technology. Unfortunately, this misinformation leads to businesses making poor decisions about how, when, and why to implement cloud computing. In this series of blog posts, we’ll help to clarify […]

Tech for Non-Technical Leaders – Windows 10

Technology for Non-Technical Leaders

    Ben Bielicki, Implementation Consultant here at Greystone, answers the question “Why Use Windows 10?” There are multiple reasons to use Windows 10. Security is just one reason to use Windows 10 as it is built to address today’s threats and help defend against an attack. It also allows businesses to move away from […]

Tech for Non-technical Leaders: Single Sign On

Technology for Non-Technical Leaders

  As the number of applications we log in to every day goes up, so to does the frustration of trying to remember a slew of login and password information. Single Sign On (SSO) can be a solution to the problem, and provide a way to use one set of credentials to access all your […]

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