New Cybersecurity Training Courses at Greystone

Nearly 70 percent of businesses have experienced some form of cybersecurity attack, with more than half experiencing a data breach. Studies also show that 60 percent of small businesses fold within six months of a major cyberattack. Electronic safeguards protect us from a vast majority of these attacks, but a solid cybersecurity plan relies on people to […]

Memories Make Great Passwords

Let’s talk about building strong and easy to remember passwords. Wait, wait, wait, don’t go yet! I know, a computer tech or a company handbook goes over the boring password requirements, and it seems like a pain, but I have a cool trick on how to come up with passwords. I use this trick myself […]

IT Security: What Protected You Last Year Isn’t Enough Today

Yep, here’s another article about IT security. I’ll skip quickly through what you already know. Companies are getting compromised at a record rate. Most businesses would love to know what to do but many are paralyzed by a lack of understanding. Common solutions are something along the lines of “I’ve got an IT service/department for […]

Cybersecurity Bulletin: SyncCrypt Ransomware


  A new ransomware cybersecurity attack has been discovered this week. The SyncCrypt ransomware email is disguised as a court order and is difficult to detect as it pulls components for the attacks from seemingly harmless images when the attachment is opened. Currently, the attackers are charging around $430 for the decryption key and there […]

Security Bulletin: WannaCry

WannaCry has infected over 230,000 computers in over 150 countries as of the date and time of this post. What is WannaCry? WannaCry, a ransomware program, encrypts files on the infected computer. Encrypting the files renders them inaccessible without the decryption key. In order the get the key, victims are required to transfer money to […]

Scammers Targeting Businesses Using Website Forms

In a new twist on the traditional email spear-phishing attack, scammers are now using forms on company websites. The information submitted in the form appears to be accurate and can be tied back to a real person. When a company responds, the scammer tries to order products on credit or with a purchase order number. Unfortunately, this particular […]

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in the Internet Connected Home

Two weeks ago, there was a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that utilized 145,000 compromised security cameras and DVR’s to take down the security news website On Friday, October  21st, there was another DDoS attack targeting Dyn, a major DNS provider. This attack crippled many popular websites and services.  Details are still scarce, […]

Outdated software on Healthcare IT Devices Introduce Increased Security Risk

Duo Security, a secure access platform provider, recently found a significant number of devices in the healthcare industry pose a security risk due to running outdated versions of Adobe Flash. Flash is a software programming platform for delivering web-based content and applications. In a study of over 250,000 devices including desktop computers, laptops and mobile […]

How to Protect Yourself from Fake Tech Support

Even as security standards continue to improve, hackers are always coming up with new ways to exploit users.  Let’s talk about how to protect yourself from a common scam that uses social hacking to gain access to your technology. Who are these people? In the same way a computer hacker will try many ways to […]

Spear Phishing Increasingly Hard to Detect

“Spear Phishing”  is a scam that is targeting small and medium sized businesses with highly personalized messsages. Attackers garner information on accountants and executives from public sources to determine corporate structure and then write personalized emails that look like they are from a trusted source. They research potential targets and connections using information gleaned from […]

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