Top Cybersecurity Concerns for Businesses in 2021

The changes and impacts on our day-to-day lives due to the challenges of this past year are something that as a society we are still working on understanding. However, one thing that is abundantly clear after 2020 is that in both our day-to-day lives and in business we are all increasingly reliant on technology. What […]

Dramatic rise of cyber attacks on the healthcare industry continues

In October 2020 the FBI, CISA, and HHS released a joint statement warning of the imminent threat of increased ransomware attacks on the U.S. healthcare system, which we discussed in detail in this blog. In the two months that have followed since that initial warning, cyber attacks on the healthcare industry have continued to grow […]

Year End Highlights

As a company, we are constantly analyzing our own efforts to pinpoint areas we can improve in. We do this in order to continue building on what it means to provide the most effective IT period. However, in a year with unique challenges, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of our […]

Is Anyone Truly Listening? – Online Event Dec 17th

Join our CEO Peter Melby and co-host Dave Momper Certified Listening Practioner and founder of Thrival Concepts for a free webinar this upcoming Thursday, December 17th at 10:00 AM (MT). During the one hour event, we will define “Listening Intelligence” A coaching methodology that “depicts the habitual cognitive filters we all apply to information when […]

Peter Melby speaking at Connectwise IT Nation on 11/12

Greystone Technology CEO Peter Melby has been selected to lead one of the breakout sessions at this year’s IT Nation Connect 2020. His take on how to build a successful company culture or as he affectionately calls it “Boss or Babysitter” will take place on November 12 from 2:45 pm-3:45 pm ET. Peter has given […]

FBI warns of the imminent threat of ransomware attacks on the U.S. healthcare system

On October 28 2020 the FBI released a statement warning of an increased threat of ransomware attacks on the U.S. healthcare system. See the full statement here. This increased level of threat continues a trend of increasingly bold and costly ransomware attacks “The U.S. has seen a plague of ransomware over the past 18 months […]

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