Microsoft Releases New Mobile App: Office

This week Microsoft announced the release of its latest mobile app called Office, and there are some pretty exciting features in it that are sure to make your work and personal life easier. This app is designed to truly utilize your mobile phone with a variety of other familiar Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and […]

Greystone Technology Coding Boot Camp

  Hello STEMblazers and welcome to your introduction into the world of coding and developing. Greystone Technology is excited to be able to play a small part in helping you navigate the world of coding and web development, we hope you enjoy the courses we have selected for you. We have broken the courses into […]

Greystone’s latest Mobile App: GetOutdoorsKansas

Greystone built a free trails and events app for iOS and Android. Check it out at GetOutdoorsKansas on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Especially if you live in Kansas.       For the past several years, Mike Goodwin quietly hiked trail after trail with his trusty GPS device tracking every footstep, […]

Tech Terms: API

what is an API

If you are from Colorado you can be excused for thinking API refers to a highly-hopped craft beer. While not as delicious as an IPA (India Pale Ale), API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) are nonetheless extremely valuable for modern businesses. An API is a defined set of methods and rules for communication between applications. You can […]

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