Microsoft SharePoint has not always attracted fans in the past yet today it endures and has evolved to be a key part of Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint in 2020 is a foundational part of the Office 365 ecosystem. If you use One Drive, Planner, or Teams then you inadvertently are using SharePoint. Additionally, Microsoft has made SharePoint more simple and effective out of the box without the heavy customization of the past.

In short, it is not going anywhere and despite the improvements, many companies do not get the full benefit from this versatile product. That is why we have created three simple rules for you to follow to ensure SharePoint success.

1.) Use SharePoint as intended: heavily customizing SharePoint can be counter-productive as these customizations have to be updated and maintained with each new version. Start with what comes out of the box.

2.) Simple = Secure: SharePoint has a lot of ways to put very granular security permissions in place where a specific document is accessible by for example three people in the organization. Use group memberships to drive permissions.

3.) Plan Big. Build Small: Think about what you want to eventually accomplish in SharePoint organization wide but start small. Start with a simple team site for one department, as that department adapts set up another and begin to link those sites to a hub site.

Need more help with SharePoint? We have a dedicated IT consulting team to help get you set up in SharePoint as well as a training department that can provide more in-depth lessons on SharePoint to you and your company.

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