At Greystone, we are committed to ensuring we are still providing the most effective IT (Period) during this challenging time.  Many organizations are experiencing new work structures during the work-from-home orders and we recognize this means that your support needs may be different.  We have increased our focus on these needs and we will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

For the most important information regarding how Greystone can support you and your team during this time, please take a moment to read the Q&A below:

Will there be any disruption in Greystone’s ability to resolve tickets we submit?

No. We have everything we need to support you, your team, and your organization remotely.

Is Greystone cutting back on support hours at all?

Nope. Our team is fully staffed and normal hours for support remain consistent during this time.

What happens if an emergency happens and we need someone from Greystone on-site to work on our equipment?

In order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, we are following CDC guidelines and enforcing a work from home policy.  That said, we will continue to provide on-site support at your business locations when emergencies occur while working to keep our team and your team safe.  Your consulting team can help determine if on-site support is required and will do all that they can to resolve issues remotely.

Will Greystone continue to support our office environment while we work from home?


Our focus continues to be the security and support of your office technologies. There are several contracted services that still apply while you are away.  Some of these include:

Will you fix issues with my home PC?

With technology issues on personal equipment we won’t be able to service it directly under our client agreements but we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.  We are also happy to provide guidance to help users securely work from home.  At some point when troubleshooting remote issues, we may need to recommend that you speak to your ISP or another third party, but we will provide guidance as to what to ask for to make the experience easier.

I have more questions or concerns about my business during this time. Who do I talk to?

Please talk openly with your consultant or reach out to Greystone at 303.757.0779. Please connect with your Consultant for either the smallest of thoughts, worries, or questions. We are here for you and your team.

We know this time has presented unique needs and concerns for you and your team. We, as Greystone, want to be the calm during this storm. We are ready to continue supporting your organization – even while everyone works from home – and providing you the most effective IT. Period.

You are appreciated, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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