Promotions within Greystone occur throughout the year – most of our open positions are posted internally as well as externally to facilitate the growth of our team – but going into 2019 we had a wide swath of well-earned advancements that I feel strongly compelled to brag about. 2018 was a year of growth for us, and it’s reflected in these role changes as we see our amazing group grow.

Abbey Adams was promoted to Human Resources Generalist

Abbey has done office management, marketing, and HR at Greystone, really finding her niche in the People function. We’re so excited to see her grow in her HR career and to watch her make a mark on our culture.

Calli Cardillo was promoted to Program and Process Manager

Calli has worked tirelessly over the past two years to bridge historical gaps between two of Greystone’s service lines and will now be instrumental in building a new one. We can’t wait to see the countless ways that Calli’s project management expertise will continue to benefit the company.

Megan Cline was promoted to Manager of Development

Megan has worn a number of hats in her 8+ years at Greystone, and during that period of time has emerged as a trusted leader and team builder of Greystone’s Web + App team. In the past year, Megan has truly innovated – her capacity planning tool has been used all over the organization. She’s earned this new role and the Web + App team are going to knock 2019 goals out of the park with her partnership this year.

Chris Feldhus was promoted to Technical Engineer 2

Chris independently pursued a career in IT, studying nights and weekends while working at a hospital. After joining Greystone he quickly became someone that his team relied on, holding steady as we went through some team transitions over the past summer. It’s great to see Chris grow.

Miranda Joondeph was promoted to Creative Strategist

Miranda joined the team as a Graphic Designer but today, she does so much more. She leads the charge on all of Greystone’s client facing events (including our upcoming Security Summit) and keeps all of our marketing efforts moving in the right direction. Miranda’s flair for design and attention to detail add a ton of value and it’s great to see that rewarded.

Jay Simmons was promoted to Technical Engineer 2

Jay joined the team shortly after moving to Denver from Mississippi, where she held a variety of technology facing roles. Her tech aptitude and enthusiasm for learning have quickly seen her emerge as a leader in the Denver Managed Services group. We’re excited for what Jay will continue to do.

Robert Sterett was promoted to Director of Professional Services

Robert has spent most of his time at Greystone leading our OnDemand team with responsibility for clients who engage on a time and materials basis. During Q4 of 2018, the OnDemand Team was combined with Project Services to create the Professional Services team, and one cohesive group. Robert is a dedicated mentor and builder of teams and we’re thrilled to see what he will do in his new role.

Congratulations to each of our early 2019 promotions, and to those that came before. I’m honored to be in a position to brag about your growth in a blog post, and excited to see all that you will accomplish this year!

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