Summer is event season at Greystone, and this past summer has been no exception. We celebrated with clients and friends at our Boulder Happy Hour in July. As usual, we held it at Upslope Brewery, right by our Boulder office, and this year we invited candidates for our open positions to join us at the Happy Hour as well. Peter Melby, Greystone’s CEO, hosted a Boss or Babysitter workshop at Industry RiNo Station in July and our Denver Happy Hour was this last week at Jax Fish House in Glendale, and we were honored to have clients, partners, and team members there to celebrate with us.

Kickball was interesting this year. Our league pushed us to a 7:00 pm start time so we didn’t have quite as many participants as last year, but the competition was colorful. We even kept score some of the time. We’re great at kicking but not as great at catching, especially when Ryan, our Ringer, can’t make the game. With an open cup league, however, the game is never boring, and you usually go home a little soggy which is all part of the fun.

We’re excited to see Fort Collins friends and clients at our upcoming Fort Collins Happy Hour – stay tuned for details on the October 11th event!

As summer winds down and we move into fall, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the past year at Greystone. There has been a lot of change, some of it easier than others, but all of it good. We’ve welcomed a lot of new faces and will continue to welcome more as we earn new business moving into Q4.

When I joined Greystone about two years ago, I remember walking in on my first day and feeling like I had come home – like I could breathe again. This is true today more than ever. I’ve found my people, and it’s a good time to pause and remember that people really are what make a company. It’s the collective actions of a group of humans working towards something great that make this an awesome place to be every day. I’m incredibly grateful for the team I work with. Even when we’re driving each other crazy, I trust that my team has their heart in the right place, and I’m not sure I’ve ever worked in a place where I trusted that so completely. That, even more than kickball, makes this a great place to work.

If you’re interested in being on our team or learning more about what Greystone is all about, visit our Careers page here and apply today!

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