As part of our journey of organizational self-discovery and self-improvement, we at Greystone love participating in employee engagement surveys. It’s tricky though because we need to strike a balance between surveying and annoying people. This year, we snuck a second survey into the mix and applied for the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado program, which is put on by ColoradoBiz Magazine and ICC.

We rolled out the survey in early June, and as an HR Nerd (capital N), I was excited about the type of data that would be collected by this survey – it was a different model than I was used to.  Instead of focusing on the tactical (i.e. do you like the benefits that are being offered?), the Denison Model used by this survey focuses on grander scale questions. Does our team feel that we have a clear mission? Are we consistent on key issues?  Do our team members feel a sense of ownership and responsibility? Does our team feel we adapt to meet key market issues? As important as some of the more tactical survey response information is (and we get some great stuff from our Top Workplaces survey), I was excited to hear what our team members thought about these higher order issues and understand where they feel Greystone excels and has room for growth.

The full results of the survey were pretty remarkable. Of course, we have lessons to take from the feedback we received, but we scored in the hundredth percentile in every category across adaptability, mission, involvement, and consistency. As an HR person, there’s no higher honor than one that your team bestows and this rates as an extremely high honor.

Now that we’re a finalist – it’s time for the video voting, and we need a little help from our friends!  Live voting for Best Companies starts today and goes through September 14th. Watch our video and consider voting for us:

The pressure to get votes is real, but so is the awe, because our team members have honored us with this opportunity. The last thing we want to do is let them down by not embracing the video challenge.

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