We are increasing security and productivity with four service enhancements.  Watch the video and explore below to learn more.  We will reach out to you before the end of the week to discuss your needs.

  • We’ll provide Security Awareness Testing & Training for your team
    We will test your team by mimicking phishing threats, monitoring who falls for it, and making sure they are well educated for the real thing
  • We’ll provide DNS-level traffic filtering
    Filtering will reduce the number of threats your employees see and redirect traffic when something malicious is clicked or opened
  • We’ll provide you with our Common Sense Security Standards document
    Common sense security standards will be updated as the threat landscape changes
  • Minimal per-user cost
    These critical security additions will cost $5 per user per month.
  • 24/7 advanced activity monitoring
    A provided, on-site, data collection device will aggregate activity logs from systems on your network and your cloud services.
  • Reviewed by Security Operations Center (SOC)
    Dedicated cyber security technicians use AI to understand if any threats exist or appear in your network
  • Immediate remediation
    Issues are fixed before they cause damage
  • Pricing is centered around a per user cost of $25/month
    Contact us for a full quote

We provide access to Greystone’s cutting-edge learning management system and classroom training schedule. Our programs offer a range of learning solutions that suit any type of learner—the anxious newbie, the reluctant adopter, the hands-on power user, and more.

  • Standard Training – $5/user/month

    Unlimited employee access to:
    • Greystone’s video based training system
    • Live instructor-led webinar training events
    • Live training events hosted at Greystone Training Center
    • Assigned skill paths based on user inputs

  • Premier Training – $10/user/month

    Everything included in Basic, plus:
    • Strategic implementation support
    • Ongoing learning strategy development
    • Personalized system branding
    • Customized skill paths based on your company’s needs
    • Ability to upload proprietary content
    • Deep insight into user behavior via the analytics dashboard

  • Additional Details:

    • Content surfaces based on evolving needs
    • Gamification helps users stay competitive professionally
    • Productivity focused content keeps you learning about the right things
    • One video playlist can increase productivity by 18 minutes per week
    • One live training event can increase productivity by 1 hour per week
    • Videos and events tailored to unique user needs

Backup is a critical last layer of protection from data loss. Greystone has added new features and security measures to our backup services including advanced integrity verification. There are now two levels of backup services that you can choose from – Standard and Premier. All of you will continue to have the Standard level unless you choose to opt into the higher level of backup protection. 

  • Standard backup
    Includes new integrity verification
  • Premier Backup added
    1 year of data retention in the cloud
  • Standard Backup pricing remains the same
    Includes 30 days of onsite retention and the latest verified image of each server in the cloud
  • Contact us for Premier pricing

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