We are excited to announce that Greystone Technology made Built in Colorado’s 2017 Top 100 Digital Tech Companies list. We share this win with our partner, Webroot, and other amazing companies like Arrow, Madwire, and GoSpotCheck. Colorado has experienced a tech boom and in the last five years grown to become one of the leading tech hubs in the country. More and more people are moving here to start their own business or to join one of the many that’s already established.

For a company that has been around for more than 16 years, it is great to continue to be recognized in the tech community here in Colorado, alongside our friends and partners.

We are proud to continue to grow our services, our staff, and our recognition. We look a lot different today than we did even five years ago, and are excited to see what the future holds. Thanks to our staff and our 200+ clients, as we wouldn’t be able to receive this recognition without them.

You can find the complete list here.

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