For the fifth year, we made the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies. Entrepreneurship is a tidy word for a messy, messy process. When you are eyebrows deep in the mayhem of building and running a company, you often forget to take a tally of accomplishments. Awards like this are an opportunity to appreciate where you are -and remember where you were. We are in great company, considering some of the others that were, like us, picking up momentum five to six years ago:

• Six years ago, SnapChat, now Snap, Inc., launched. SnapChat is now worth somewhere between $18 billion and $22 billion.
• Stripe, the digital payments company, started in 2011. Stripe is now valued at around $9 billion.
• Lyft, the ride sharing app that started five years ago, now provides over 1,000,000 rides a day. And that’s just in the U.S.
• Slack started in 2012 as a role playing game. After a fortuitous pivot, Slack is now worth about $5 billion, and rumors have it that Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are interested in purchasing Slack.

Those numbers are certainly enough to keep us humble! While we are not in line for a multi-billion dollar IPO, we are proud of what we have accomplished:

• We are approaching 90 employees.
• We have three offices along Colorado’s front range.
• We have added SharePoint consulting, Website and Application Development, and Technology Training services to our core IT services.
• We help over 200 active clients grow and excel every day.
• We have contributed to Colorado’s over 15% GDP growth rate over the past five years.
• We have over 50 clients that were customers five years ago and still call on us for technology services today.

It has been a great five years. Thank you, Colorado, and all our customers, for supporting us. We look forward to serving you and making more appearance on Inc 5000 lists!