Gratitude and our Annual Happy Hour

Last week we celebrated summer winding down with Greystone clients, friends, and family at our annual Happy Hour at the Kitchen Next Door rooftop in Glendale. It’s a tradition that the event gets rained on, and this year held true to form. Despite the rain, it was a great time and a solid reminder for us to appreciate the client and employee partnerships that have built Greystone into the company we are today. Without clients willing to partner with us, and without committed team members who share our vision, Greystone as we know it wouldn’t exist. Thanks to everyone who attended and made the Happy Hour a great time, and thanks to the Kitchen Next Door for the fantastic food and drinks.

Kickball is Over – What’s Next?

With the end of the summer and Kickball season at an end, we’re turning our attentions to the fall league season. There are a wide variety of indoor league choices in Colorado, some that we didn’t even know were an option! Consider these fine choices:

To date, dodgeball has the most votes, which could be interpreted in many ways given that this is a work league. Do people want the opportunity to pelt their coworkers with balls? Are they drawn in by the glamour of the 2004 epic Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story? It’s hard to say (those costumes were pretty epic), and the final choice remains to be seen.

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