Nurse-Family partnership has a daunting mission: Empower at-risk, first-time moms to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies. The women and children Nurse-Family Partnership helps are in the most challenging circumstances you can imagine, often facing homelessness, poverty, and addiction. Despite the challenges, Nurse-Family Partnership consistently changes lives. The impact of this fantastic organization is proven: independent research found for every dollar invested in Nurse-Family Partnership programs, communities realize more than five dollars in return.

In order for Nurse-Family Partnership to continue to successfully support its mission, it needed to update its website. They had great imagery to tell their story, but they needed to update the design and usability to be more effective and efficient.

We worked with Nurse-Family Partnership to accomplish some critical goals:

Nurse-Family Partnership is not an organization that ever stands still. They are constantly working to serve more first-time moms, recruit more nurses, and drive public policy changes. Their website content needs to be as fast moving and dynamic as the organization is. We used WordPress as the CMS to host, taking advantage of the ease of updating content, availability of plugins that reduce the need for custom code, and the broad use of WordPress that makes it easy to find people who can work on the platform.

To meet the second goal of getting first-time moms to the resources they need, we used the WordPress Google Maps plugin and tied that to a directory of providers. Moms looking for help are automatically connected with nearby providers based on their location.

Usability on mobile devices was critical for this project. Many of the moms Nurse-Family Partnership serves only have internet access via their phone. This, coupled with the general trend towards mobile-first internet use for all stakeholders, led us to focus on making stakeholder journeys as intuitive and efficient as possible.

Nurse-family partnership serves a specific group of women. But they also rely on and partner with an incredible array of stakeholders, including nurses, governments, donors, and funding agencies. These groups have unique needs and communication styles. Communicating effectively with this broad audience starts with making sure people can find what they are looking for. Navigation and information architecture are keys to helping people find what they need in the shortest time possible while still communicating the Nurse-family Partnership story.

It is a rewarding experience to combine our passion for technology with an organization that has a positive impact on our community. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Nurse-family Partnership, and encourage you to check out their new website at and consider supporting all that they do.

Before Redesign

Nurse Family Patnership Previous Website Design

After Redesign

Nurse-Family Partnership new webs design

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