It’s the End of the Kickball Season 
Sometimes, you just have to get silly. Greystone was in rare form this past Monday for our final kickball game of the season – the theme was “Greystone Prom”. We couldn’t stop there, though, not us.

Kaati, our Manager of Support Services, went to the thrift store over the weekend to get all the gentlemen lovely dresses and ties and tuxedo shirts for the ladies. She took it a step further than that even, making corsages and boutonnieres for everyone. It was really hot, and while the ladies complained about all that kickballing in shirts, ties, and vests, I dare say that the gentlemen were enjoying the breeze. Many guys commented that skirts weren’t such a bad idea after all.

Our competing team didn’t have enough players to participate, so the Greystone team split up and played with the other team so everyone could enjoy the game. It was so much fun, that we’re already plotting which team sport to play in the fall.

BuiltIn Colorado Top Companies Hiring Event Tonight! 
Greystone is looking for people focused IT professionals to join us as Technical Engineers in our Denver office – there are several open positions right now. We’re excited to be going to BuiltIn Colorado’s Top Companies Hiring Event this evening, where we’re hoping to meet some of those new team members. BuiltIn Colorado plans great events – check out the event here, and consider coming to meet us! You won’t be able to miss us in our Greystone t-shirts. Have some drinks and talk IT with us. Go to Careers to see our open positions and go here to Learn more about the event.

Agility Recovery – Celebrating our Client’s Success
A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated in a big way with premier client Agility Recovery. It wasn’t that long ago Agility Recovery made the decision to move their office to downtown Denver. It has been amazing to go from an all-hands-on-deck effort to get their IT systems moved (even Jesse Armstrong, Greystone’s president, was crawling under desks to install cabling and computers) to the office-warming party in a beautiful and modern space.

Our team worked closely with Agility to get their new office space set up for success. We set up the IT infrastructure, made sure that each employee had phones, monitors, and everything they needed for immediate business success. Greystone spent the weekend before the move testing everything so that when Agility Recovery team members came in, they could immediately make an impact. We’re so pleased with how the move went, and how our work was received by the client.

This effort culminated in the office-warming party in early July, which was attended by our team as well as tons of important Denver people – the Mayor’s office, the Chamber of Commerce, and so on. We’re so honored to have been a part of this transition for Agility, and we’re honored to continue to provide their IT services . We love seeing our clients grow and succeed!

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