Coordinate meetings, access your work contacts, check your to-dos for the day, and use intelligent tools to manage your inbox from anywhere, anytime, quickly and securely. Sound too good to be true? In fact, with Office 365 you can deal with your most pressing matters on the go with the most affordable solution for your business. Mobility features -and much more- help make Office 365 the most powerful business suite of tools yet.

If you are not yet familiar with Office 365, here are some ways Office 365 can help you work smarter and more securely no matter where you are:
Do more with your email

Email should be simple, powerful, and as unrestricted as possible. With Office 365, you get 50 GB of storage for all of your message and the ability to send emails up to 25 MB. The high storage and attachment limits make it possible to send and receive large files while keeping an archive of important messages.

Take Control of your inbox

Stay focused on what’s important. Office 365 makes the messages that matter most visible and hides the rest. Office 365 applies an enterprise layer of anti-spam to ensure your inbox stays usable. The Clutter tool automatically prioritizes email based on your usage patterns, moving less relevant emails to a Clutter folder for you to review later.

Simplify Scheduling

The perfect team tool, Office 365 lets you check calendars and retrieve contacts on any device. Scheduling becomes a hassle-free experience by sharing calendars and viewing your team’s availability.

Real-time improvements

Microsoft built Office 365 based on decades of providing business email to the market. When you are using Office 365, you not only get this deep experience; you also get updates as soon as they are available. These updates mean you benefit from Microsoft’s ongoing development and research the moment they make improvements.

Protecting your email data

Keeping messages encrypted outside of your company’s server has always been a tricky endeavor – until now. Now you can send encrypted email to anyone using Office 365. If the recipient responds, or even if they forward the message to someone else, you can rest assured that the encryption stays in place. Also, Office 365 includes Malware protection, detecting and quarantining malicious emails before they reach your device.

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