Due to our love of the Denver Broncos, football and competition, Peter Melby and the Greystone team have a history of placing wagers (especially against Patriot fans). So when our designer and friend Josh Emrich told us about a design competition against Carolina, our Super Bowl 50 opponents, we knew we had to accept the challenge. As a Colorado based company, any chance we have to beat Carolina we’ll take it.

Here’s the deal, Josh has gathered a talented team of six designers based in Colorado and Matt Stevens picked six designers located in Carolina. Both teams will design labels for a six pack of craft beer and go head-to-head in a competition for the best creative. Judging will be based on the team’s ability to incorporate beer, state and team into one awesome beer label. It will be known as the inaugural Design Brawl! Design_Brawl_image

This is where we come into the picture: how do you determine which designs are better? Who can vote? Where can people find more information about this competition? Cue Greystone.

Our design and development team was able to create a website where anyone, including yourself can go and vote for your favorite (ahem – Denver) designs. On the left you will find the designers from Carolina wrapped in Panthers blue (boo), while on the right (which is coincidentally the right side to vote for as well) is the team from Denver, clad in Broncos orange. The voting starts today, and ends Superbowl Sunday. The Broncos won’t be the only team bringing Denver a Championship – help spread the word and get your friends to vote! Don’t wait, visit designbrawl.com to cast your vote today!

Go Broncos!

Follow the competition until Super Bowl Sunday using the hashtags: #SBDesignBrawl #TeamDenver #TeamCarolina

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