Last night the Broncos victory over the Patriots was epic and it means even a little bit more for Veterans served and housed by the New England Center and Home For Veterans. The most recent in a series of wagers between Greystone and our top-notch vendor partner Continuum (Boston, MA) had the most worthy stakes yet.  The loser donates 10 pairs of winter boots to NECHV for every point their team lost by.

Reading some of the pregame and mid-game predictions made me start wondering if I needed to find a wholesale option for buying boots in bulk.  Thankfully for everyone outside of Boston, the tide turned and Continuum will be donating 60 pairs of boots on top of their already ongoing staff boot drive.  Thanks to Continuum CEO, Michael George, for this great idea. We don’t like being left out so as a thank you to the Patriots and their generosity, Greystone is excited to donate $100 to NECHV for each point we WON by for a total donation of $600!  We’ll see you in January for a wager to benefit vets in our hometown! (or maybe Continuum’s Pittsburgh team wants to get in on this on Dec. 20th??)


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