Greystone_Logo_Main_RGBAfter years of operating as separate IT and web services teams, we are excited to announce that we’ve unified under the brand Greystone Technology.  We are one team with five unique but complimentary service lines: IT Management, IT Consulting, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Mobile Development.

Our brand mantra, Dig Deep, signifies the unique position we have established the technology services industries.  In all areas of service we start by asking questions, digging in, and finding the true context the needs and opportunities our clients have.  We have our five unique services, but we know that in technology nothing is ever perfectly black and white.  When your IT systems interface with your web site, our IT group walks ten feet to interface with our web group on your behalf.  Common vision.  Common methodology.  Different technology.

Greystone_Logo-Icon_RGBAnd all of that is to say… it’s kind of a fun time around here because this blog is also coming to you on our brand spanking new web site!

Since our inception in 2001, we’ve updated our brand presence exactly zero times before this. That’s 14 years.  So, visually speaking, we’ve essentially been walking around wearing oversized carpenters jeans… or insert your own favorite fashion trend of the early 2000’s. Like this. Or this. Or maybe this.

Needless to say, we were due for an overhaul!

We partnered with ToolBox Creative to refine our messaging and produce some amazing visuals, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

For a bit more on this unification, feel free to read on for more info in the press release below:


Supporting Quotes

“With our growth and unification, it’s a really fun time to be at Greystone. We genuinely believe in the power of digging deep with our clients and we are thrilled to unveil a brand and logo that communicates this sense of excitement.” – Gary Aronhalt, Director of Business Relations

“We are focused on bringing clients a consistently better technology service experience. We ask the questions that aren’t being asked to solve the problems that aren’t being solved. With five individual, but complimentary offerings, we recognize that lines between types of technology services continue to blur and unified expertise has the greatest impact.  In an industry that isn’t used to strong collaboration, we’re poised to deliver very different results.“ – Peter Melby, President

For a PDF of this press release, please click here!

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