Starting the day with a Long Board (ing) Meeting…. (here is the video to prove it)

WhippleboardingOn Thursday, June 25th, Gary Aronhalt (Director of Business Relations) and myself (Marketing Administrator) took part in the South Metro Denver Chamber’s Executive Roundtable event, longboarding with KOTA Longboards.  This was a great break away from their typical roundtable events where business leaders gather to discuss business topics.  Although I don’t have much experience with longboarding, I do have an older brother who is a skateboarder…so I have some experience being on a board.  The owner of Kota Longboards, Mike, and two of his employees, came out with multiple boards and helmets, along with patience and a great attitude.

It was great to see people get out of their comfort zone and try something new like this (Gary and I included).  It didn’t matter about age or what athletic ability people have, with the help of the KOTA team, people were able to get their boarding down. Within 10-20 minutes, everyone was zipping around the huge parking lot with smiles ear to ear.  This truly was a great way to start the day.

groupphotoKota Longboards is a neat company, which stands for “Knights Of The Air.”  Mike is a former U.S. Navy Pilot who started this company a few years ago here in Denver.  He designed the boards using the “perfect combination of camber and concave for agile carving.” This is what helps people navigate their ride easier (and learn a lot faster versus a regular longboard).  Another interesting piece about their boards is that they don’t use grip tape. Instead, they use “KOTAgrip” which is a clear, gloss, grip finish.  It really does work well and allows for more art on the top of the board.  This is an awesome, high quality product and company.  They are currently running a Kickstarter Campaign, so that they can acquire a CNC milling machine.  This will allow them to transition all KOTA longboards to Clear Deck AND allow them to produce various products from their wastewood.  They currently use some of their wastewood to make tap handles for craft breweries like Epic Brewing.  Help them reach their goal and save money on a longboard!


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