When I was growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals so much. My brothers crushed that dream when they told me that veterinarians save hurt and sick animals (and that I would probably hurt more than I would help – my brothers were so sweet to their little sister). I’m extremely weak when it comes to a suffering animal, so I knew being a vet was out of the question. The first opportunity my husband gave me to rescue a puppy I took it, and we adopted Meeker from RezDawg Rescue in Boulder, CO. RezDawg rescues and relocates animals from the four corners area. Not only do they rescue animals, but they work with the indigenous people of the local reservations to educate them on how best to deal with animals in need.

I found Meeker through PetFinder.com, and knew instantly she was the puppy for me. I went to the RezDawg website to fill out an adoption application and saw an immense amount of opportunity to help this organization create a website that speaks to the outstanding work they do. Thanks to the Greystone Volunteer Time Off policy, I was able to dedicate some of my time towards building them a new website. While my web design skills are nowhere near the level of our design and development team… I know enough about themes, WordPress and SEO that I was able to create an optimized site that makes it easier for users to find their website, easier to browse available animals, and easier to submit an adoption/foster application, or to accept donations.Volunteer Work at Greystone

With the help of a fellow coworker, the volunteer work paid off and we were able to launch the new site on June 11, 2015. Within 3 days of the launch, we heard that there had already been more than a dozen adoption applications and tremendous compliments on the new website. I may not have been able to heal sick animals, but helping animals find their forever homes is just as fulfilling.

If you’re interested in Fostering, Adopting, Donating or helping with Relocation services please visit the RezDawg Rescue website.

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