Colorado Business Magazine is producing a brand new awards program, the “Best of Colorado Business Choice Awards.”  CO Biz Mag describes the award as a “voting-based project for the Colorado business community, by the Colorado business community.  These awards will highlight Colorado companies who receive the most votes.”

Voters must choose at least 10 categories, with categories up for grabs include: Accounting, Golf Courses, Commercial Builders, Banks, Wealth Managers, and more…

The contest also just happens to have a category for IT Services and Web Developers, which just happens to be what we do! (hint, hint, hint… someone’s going to win, so it may as well be us, eh?)

We also have a host of our clients and associates in a variety of these categories, too!  Here are a few… list is not exhaustive and if we’ve left you off, we’re soooo sorry and let us know!

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