The most common problem we see with a new client’s AdWords account is that they are wasting resources by not managing their search query, or haven’t optimized their match types to bid on the most relevant keywords. The search query is a magical and powerful tool that allows you valuable insight into how your campaign is performing. It allows us to see the terms users are searching on that trigger our ads to display in search engines.

Typically when you’re setting up an AdWords campaign, you try to think of any and every term that someone might use to try and find your website or product. The problem with that strategy is often times Google isn’t as smart as we need it to be, and it’s our job to tell Google what terms are relevant, and which don’t apply to our product or service.

vetGreystone Web works heavily in the healthcare industry, helping users to find doctors, specialists, treatments, etc. Of course in Colorado, we see plenty of users searching for “marijuana (mmj) doctors,” but those aren’t the type of doctors we are helping people find. We also commonly see “animal doctors,” “veterinary surgeons” or a local adult specialty store in Fort Collins, show up in our search queries – None of these searches are relevant to finding a healthcare physician in Northern Colorado.

By taking the time to weed through your search query, you can not only improve user experience, but you will also find that you can expand a limited budget, improve CTR, and identify new keyword opportunities that you may not have thought of originally. Every industry has it’s quirks. Understanding a user’s search intent in any industry is what makes us so good at helping to improve and maintain quality AdWords accounts for all of our clients.

Feeling like you’re getting lost in the weeds? Don’t pay for something you don’t want.

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