In recent weeks, several stories have caught our eye from around the tech world…

Windows10Windows 10
As news of the pending release of Windows 10 swirled about, we were surprised to hear the world “cool” being bandied about… Windows as “cool”? Really? Really! Really…

You be the judge:

New Email Service?
Corporate magazine heavyweight Forbes released a story about Amazon’s new email offering, WorkMail. Yep. A new email service, seemingly built to rival Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s business Gmail.

A wave of surprise rolled through our offices as we heard this story… There seems to be no room for another mail service.

But, the mobile phone market was pretty saturated when the iPhone was initially released, too… and we all know what Apple accomplished. Yes, it’s a different product and different market, sure, but sometimes the game really does get changed. Maybe Amazon will change email, because they sure couldn’t move the phone/ tablet market… We’re looking at you, Fire Phone.

tesla_model_s_p85_uk-spec_27Cars and Tech
There’s a great deal of Car Tech chatter lately, mostly about hacking:

A senate reports states that manufacturers are unprepared for their cars to be hacked. (Side note: if you make ANYTHING tech related, prepare for it to be hacked. It’s GOING to happen.)

BMW patches up a security flaw that allowed hackers to unlock doors .

Tesla’s over the air update makes their mega fast Model S P85D even faster.  Yes. An over the air update. We’re in the future. But, we have been for a while, now…

A Former Icon Fades
RadioShack files for bankruptcy, and this article tells of its importance to our current tech environment. “Read about the biggest tech stories of the 20th century, and RadioShack keeps popping up…”

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