Greystone President, Peter Melby
Greystone President, Peter Melby

Over the years at Greystone we have recognized a consistent irony in that while technology is always changing, growing and improving, the technology services industry fears change and disruption.  Our vision of not being afraid to counter our industry and challenge the norm means it was another active year for Greystone.

After 2013, where we were well recognized again for our fast growth, our leadership team decided that growth itself was no longer a goal in 2014.  We were successful in our race to reach a size critical for accomplishing our vision.  We set goals for refining service models, increasing core excellencies and primarily making a deeper impact.  We are proud of the results and even without an intentional focus on numbers, we actually exceeded our 2013 growth rate!

Here are some of the most exciting moments in 2014, from my view:

I’m thankful for 2014 and excited to start 2015 with a bang (stay tuned on Monday!)

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