“What’s ‘App-ening?” is chance to hear from some Greystoners about what apps they’re loving these days…

Christy Oliver, Project Manager for the Greystone Web Services team, shares, “My favorite app right now is ‘Monument Valley’.  The game is beautiful and full of optical illusions and puzzles all set to the tune of an original soundtrack.  The game is so well designed it feels like interacting with artwork and it manages to be both challenging and relaxing at the same time.”

Gary Aronhalt, Director of Business Relations, writes, “I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I”m super fascinated by Automatic right now… I’ve borrowed the accessory for a while now from Dave (Stokes, VP of Managed Services) and it provides a bunch of data about driving history and habits.  It’s helping me calculate mileage for work, and it’s also helping me plan out future service visits and expenses.  Super fascinating!

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