iPhone 6Unless you’ve been living under a technological rock over the past few weeks, you’ve read/ seen/ heard that Apple has released it’s 8th iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 6.  And, we’re assuming you know how to use Google, and so if you want to read all about it, there’s plenty of good material out there.

But for those of us iPhone 5 owners who don’t have time (or who simply don’t want) to stand in lines to pick up the latest and greatest, there’s still plenty to get excited about.

On Tuesday, September 16th, Apple also released their latest version iOS, the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch operating system.  And while iOS 8 lacks the complete visual overhaul that occurred from versions 6 to 7, there’s still very cool stuff abounding under the hood.

Check out this article that lists “The Coolest 33 Features in iOS 8.”

But, to note one really annoying thing about iOS 8… it seems that installing it resets all of your notification settings.  So, you may want to go ahead and run through your notifications to make sure nothing is added that you don’t want pinging for your attention.

Also, for those concerned about privacy, here’s a quick little article about some of the privacy/ security features of iOS 8.

Time will tell if Apple can maintain its hold on the mobile market, of if Samsung and others are poised to pass.

Either way, we’ll still be here ready to support you and your technology!

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